Alamo Pet People (Home)

"We Love Them When You Have to Leave Them!"

We are a professional petsitting service with over 20 years of
animal care and petsitting experience. We provide complete cat
and dog care, as well as other services, and custom packages
are available!  Our goal is to provide the utmost quality care for
your pets.

Serving the Randolph Metrocom area of Northeast San Antonio.

Why choose petsitting over a kennel?
Benefits to Pet

The pet remains in his or her own  secure
environment where all sights, sounds
and smells are familiar
The pet follows his or her own
customized diet and exercise routine
The pet is not exposed to illnesses of
other animals

Benefits to Owner

Your home is looked after as well, since
pet sitters provide crime deterrent
You can leave home worry-free, knowing
your pet is in good hands.
You can return home at any hour of the
day or night and find your healthy, happy
pet eagerly awaiting you!
Plant care, mail and newspaper pick-up,
fish, bird, goats, horses and some exotic
animals care for, medications
administered to pets, vet trips, overnight
stays available, house can be made to
look "lived in," and more!

Alamo Pet People